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This list of some of the topics of our recent past meetings will give you a better appreciation of the range of interesting talks and speakers that our Speakers' Secretary arranges.

We do invite our ladies to attend for two meetings per year (usually July and December)

Listening to an interesting after lunch talk
Listening to an interesting after lunch talk
Recent After Lunch Talk Topics

'Racing a Gas Turbine Car'
History of the development a small gas turbine for a car, and how one demonstrated in a sports car at Le Mans.

'Solihull Citizens Advice Bureau'
Talk about the important work undertaken by our local Citizens Advice Bureau.

'Behind the Lie of the Land'
A local farmer talks about the facts of farming today.

'The Quiet Escape'
A war veteran records his life with particular attention to dates, and how he and others quietly slipped out of captivity.

'The History of Whistle'
Our speaker will share his experience in the design and manufacture of whistles, signal horns and sound effects.

'Wills and Estate Planning'
Our speaker has much experience in this field and gives home consultations.

'The Importance of Food Hygiene'
Our talk will cover aspects of hygiene in relation to the prevention of infections and illness

'The European Union - The Facts'
An MEP gives explanation as to the purpose of the European Union and a correction of some misguided perceptions.

'A Personal Pilgrimage to K2'
An illustrated account of an emotional trek to the Base Camp of K2 in the Karakorom Mountains.

'Gas Turbines'
The history and the social impact of the Small Gas Turbine Engine.

'Cadburys and Bournville'
The arrival of the Cadbury family in Birmingham and their impact on the chocolate trade.

'The Baron of Packwood'

Interesting anecdotes by a volunteer steward at Packwood House.

'The Leprosy Mission'
The purpose and work of The Leprosy Mission

'I Bought an Island'
A whistle-stop tour of a dream to be the custodian of an island.

'Computers for all'
A local computer maintenance company owner. He is an enthusiast with infectious sense of humour.

'Life on the Fairground'
An historian from the Black Country. He has researched a variety of subjects of local interest and has published some 35 books.

'No 10 Downing Street '
From the very beginning until the present day.

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